JBS aerial dynamic2
JBS aerial dynamic

Coca-Cola Beatbox, Olympic Park London 2012

Coca Cola commissioned Jason Bruges Studio to create an immersive, interactive art installation for their London 2012 Olympic ‘Beat Box’ pavilion designed by P+A Architects. The Aerial Dynamics installation was designed to emulate the effervescent energy released when serving and sharing a bottle of Coca-Cola.

A breathing light show brought an explosion of red mechatronic ‘bubbles’ to life, which glowed rhythmically in time with the specially commissioned ‘Beat’ track by Mark Ronson. Bursts of movement could be viewed along the procession down the internal spiral ramp of the pavilion. The experience culminated in the performance being controlled by the crowd. ‘Cheers kiosks’ captured joyful celebrations and the clinking of Coca-Cola ‘perfect serve’ bottles, sent waves of movement and white light up through the art installation.

The 180 bespoke mechatronic ‘bubbles’ were controlled with specially written code, each had 8 polypropylene blades that folded intricately in on themselves and glowed with controllable red and white LED lighting. Special sensors embedded in the 3 ‘cheers kiosks’ at the base of the ramp detected when Coca-Cola bottles were clinked together and triggered increasingly intricate patterns of movement as the number of participants grew.