Leading up to Nuit Blanche, the creative team at Hermann & Audrey imagined a love story unfolding between our two characters, Hermann & Audrey. It was a series of images by our talented photographic friends with notes from both her to him and him to her. Notes of love and endearment, that were also true about us to our home, Toronto. The story began to unfold to the street-going audience of Dundas West, Queen Street West and King Street West through provoking and curious image clues toward a large tree installation in the park. A tree was lit with romantic lights and hundreds of frames hung from branches revealing the love letters to our audience. We saw more than 3000 people through the installation that night, every frame went home with someone and this is what Vice had to say..

  • Date: Nuit Blanche 2012.
  • Client: Hermann & Audrey.
  • Filed under: Cultural Programming, Exhibition & Festivals, Public Art Projects